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2020 has been a remarkably interesting year for all of us; an unforeseen pandemic, resulting in restrictions and lockdowns, changing the entire global landscape. 

As the church, we should be at the forefront and leading our people through and into the new season God has for us.  How we do ministry is more important now than ever. These unprecedented times should compel us to work together in advancing God’s kingdom. We need to hear what Christ is saying to His church to navigate the path ahead of us and to be a part of this conversation and collaboration alongside each other. 

To help prepare us for what is to come, we are inviting you to join with us, as both a partner and friend, for our annual Kingdom Connect. Using Zoom as our platform, let us put some time aside to gather on Thursday 5th November at 11am AEDT.  An entire hour and half to catch up, pray, encourage, and inspire one another.  We have lined up some great speakers that are ready to share and impart God’s word for right now. 

Please click the link below, to watch our personal invitation to you and your leaders!