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Welcome to Equip Church International’s digital training hub. We are so pleased to partner with AXX, South West Training Services and Equip Global Ministry in providing quality Bible, Leadership and Discipleship courses online, training to leaders in Australia and throughout the world. The quality, affordability and practicality of this training will strengthen and equip you to fulfil Gods calling on your life. Training is at the heart of all we do.

— Ps Malcolm and Karen MacLeod

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AXX Bible College -

Axx is Bible-based ministry training Bible College, dedicated to growing, learning and following the call of God. Axx Certified Bible College qualifications & introductory courses are connecting gifted Bible-believing teachers with believers who love the Word.  

Equip Bible College -

The new Equip Bible College exists for all Christians with a hunger to learn and grow spiritually. With affordable, hands-on, relevant courses that have national qualifications, Equip Bible College is where you can follow your path, whether that’s ministry or just to learn more about the word of God this is an excellent course.

This course is designed for all believers to be effective in Christian life and ministry. It provides a broad knowledge of Biblical and theological concepts, and hands-on training in practical ministry environments.

Equip Bible College is available for study through South West Training Services.  

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AXX now has over 1,000 pastors in training
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Local Church


The Local Church stream focuses on equipping you to be a fruitful and productive volunteer and leader in the ministry of your local church.

Find your ministry in the Church you love. A seamless pathway from volunteer to Pastor.

Axx builds your ministry and team leadership skills in a local church setting. You will be prepared to be a part of a team that is ministering to its congregation, communities both local and global.

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Pastoral Ministry

The Pastoral Ministry stream is a broad and comprehensive ministry preparation program. If you sense that you are being called by God but are still seeking direction, this is the stream for you.

Axx prepares you for the depth and breadth of ministry inside and outside of the Church. Be prepared to go where God is leading.

In the advanced levels of this stream, it focuses on pastoral care skills and leadership development.

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Church Planting

The Church Planting stream focuses on planting and developing a new Church or revitalising established Church. If you are sensing God’s call to start a new church but aren’t sure where to start then this is the stream for you.

At Axx we focus on building a dedicated team who will grow the Church together. Developing the leadership skills and spiritual formation of the team; and the capacity needed to reach across cultures and into communities.

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The Axx Leadership qualifications are developed with the underlying premise that good biblical leadership builds good leaders and great biblical leadership builds great leaders, churches, and ministries.

Make a difference and build your leadership. The Leadership stream is ideally suited for people who want to be biblical influencers in all spheres of life, ministry, and career.

At Axx we believe that every person is a leader, first of themselves and then of others.

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Bible and Theology

The Bible and Theology stream explores the depth and beauty of God and the Bible. With 66 books of the Bible and 5,000 years of biblical history and theology, there is so much to explore.

Each qualification has a very specific focus including Bible, theology, apologetics, exegesis, and church history.

From biblical novice to theological scholar, every qualification goes to the heart of the Word and applies it to your life and ministry today.

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Equip Bible College
10742NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

Course Units

  • CMTTHE401 Interpret and discuss Christian Scripture and Theology (New Testament)
  • CMTTHE402 Interpret theological data (Theology)
  • CMTTHE403 Compare and present information on a theological theme or issue (Old Testament)
  • CMTTHE404 Compare and apply new theological insights (Spirit Empowered Living)
  • CMTMIN401 Explain the application of Christian ethics to contemporary life issues (Christian Living)
  • CMTMIN402 Communicate theological information (Public Speaking)
  • BSBCMM401 Make a presentation (Public Speaking)
  • BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness (Self-Leadership)
  • BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace (Team Leadership)

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